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Membership in Mt. Hood Corvettes is offered through a Sponsorship program. No fewer than two (2) current members (other than husband and wife) in good standing must sponsor a prospective member.The Membership Committee shall evaluate the application per the agreements in the By-Laws, Article III, Section 13 listed below (items 1 through 6):

  1. A person wishing to be considered for membership should come to a minimum of two membership meetings and must participate in one cruising event with members. If two members agree to sponsor the Guest, after they have attended at least two meetings, an application form is given.

  2. After the Applicant returns the completed application including the submission of proof of ownership of a Corvette, that Applicants name will be listed as “applying for membership” for a period of at least 30 days.

  3. During that period, any Member who wishes to submit written comment regarding the Applicants pending membership may do so, in confidence. The submission must be in writing addressed to the Membership Committee. The Committee will consider all information including but not limited to the application, comment letters and other pertinent information.

  4. The Membership Committee will vote on the Applicant and a majority vote will rule.

  5. The Committee advises the Board of Directors who will authorize extending or rejecting the request for membership.

  6. The Committee will advise the Applicant of that final decision.